Business Driver Training


If your work involves individuals in any driving activity, then you have certain responsibilities towards them. For example:

Duty of care: Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, amended in 1999 – Driving is considered work, and a vehicle a place of work.

Legal: It is an offence to cause or allow someone to commit an offence.

Corporate manslaughter Act 2007: Any company permitting employees to drive on company business, in any vehicle, are subject to this legislation.

How can you care for these responsibilities? One way would be to have risk assessments of the persons who drive vehicles on your authority. What would typically be included in a 2-hour risk assessment?


1 Driving licence check

2 Eyesight check

3 Pre driving vehicle checks, with assistance where necessary

4 On the road assessment of driving in different conditions, with

 feedback and coaching


Following the assessment, the results would be discussed with the individual. Additionally a written report would be completed, and a copy would be given to the individual, while the original would be forwarded to you. This would need to be filed for future verification that a risk assessment had been completed.


Should any individual be assessed as a high risk, a detailed report, along with appropriate recommendations would also be produced. Personalised training can then be provided.


As a bonus, some insurance companies may offer a reduction in fleet premiums, if there is a commitment to risk assess all drivers by a Department of Transport approved fleet trainer.


Assessments or training can be provided for all categories of vehicles, and help or advice can be provided on producing a ‘Code of practice’ for the use of company vehicles.